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Looking for an option without UV rays?
Airbrush tanning is the perfect solution!

Each airbrush tan is custom-blended to find the perfect shade for your skin type. Our tans are natural-looking and long-lasting, with even coverage and a fast drying formula. The product is all natural and hypoallergenic. We now carry an ORGANIC product as well! Typically, tans last from 5-7 days.


If you need - we can bring the color right to your home or event! We have a portable system for those with busy schedules, sports teams or parties. We offer discount for groups.

Available - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Available by appointment only.  
Call 603-718-1981 to schedule an appointment.

How long does it take?          
The entire process from start to finish takes about 20 minutes (5 minutes to be airbrushed and 10-15 minutes to dry).          

Who applies it?          
Our female airbrush technicians have been thoroughly trained on technique, professionalism and safety.          
Will I be orange or yellow?           
No, we use a special solution prior to airbrushing.  Prior to being airbrushed, the client is sprayed with a cleansing solution to take off any fragrances, moisturizers, deodorant, sweat, oils, dead skin, and any other residues that may be present.  In addition to cleaning the skin, it also prepares the skin for the airbrush solution by balancing ph levels to eliminate a yellow or orange color.              
Is it blotchy or uneven?  Does it look fake?          
No, it is perfect!  One coat is applied and if there are any marks or imperfections of any kind - they are immediately fixed.  The client will be asked to look at themselves to make sure that the tan is exactly what they wanted.  A second coat can be applied to darken color or fix any uneven areas.  It is a natural, golden, even colored tan every time.          
What do I wear?          
Essentially this is a decision of the client.  Most clients wear an old bathing suit or undergarments - Bra (strapless, backless or a regular bra - straps can always be tucked in) Underwear (briefs, boxers, bikini or thong).  Even though the solution will be sprayed on clothes, it does not stain.  It comes out once laundered (with the exception of silk and spandex material).  Some clients, in effort to avoid lines, prefer to go topless.  Executive Tan's policy is that bottoms must be worn.              
In addition to what you should wear while being airbrushed, take caution in the clothes you wear to the salon.  Wear loose fitting clothing and preferably a v-neck shirt.  Depending on the weather, flip flops or sandals are a good idea as well to avoid sock lines.          
How long do I have to wait to shower?          
As long as possible, preferably until the next day - but at minimum 8 hours.  It takes at least 8 hours for the solution to fully be absorbed into your skin and react with amino acids to create full color.  After being airbrushed, wait at least eight hours before showering and doing any activates that will result in perspiring (ie: exercising, outdoor chores) in addition to wearing tight fitting clothes.          
How long does the tan last?          
On average, about a week.  Depending on what type of skin you have (dry skin, oily skin) this will be a factor in how long the color will last.  Also another variable with how long color last is daily activities.           
Are there certain products I can't use after Airbrush Tanning?          
Yes.  See the back of this sheet for a list of products that will take the color away or fade the color more quickly. Our airbrush technician can answer any other questions regarding what products to use and what products not to use.          
How should I prepare for my airbrush tan?          
You should take a showe, completely shave and exfoliate (using a face cloth, sponge or scrub with soap) immediately prior to your appointment.  Clients should not come straight from school or work.  Natural oils and sweat will be on your skin from the course of the day - along with products generally put on for everyday use (i.e. - deodorant, perfume).  In order to get the best results possible, your skin should be clean and dry.          

Remember, do not put anything on your skin prior to your appointment;  no deodorant, moisturizers, perfume/cologne or make-up.   
Exfoliate immediately prior to your appointment.  Using a face cloth or a sponge with soap (preferably with beads) and wash entire body – pay particular attention to underarms and creases (i.e. neck, behind knees, and elbows).  Please note that we  ask clients to exfoliate immediately prior to their appointment to ensure the best results.  Remember that if you exfoliate in the morning and then put on everyday used products like deodorant, perfume, make up, moisturizer in addition to sweats and oils accumulating over the course of the day while at work or school – this will potentially hinder the solution from being absorbed into your skin.
Plan ahead!  You will be unable to shower for 6-8 hours after tanning.  Also, please refrain from doing any activities that will make you perspire (exercising, outdoor chores).
Tie back hair with an elastic band.  Also, using a head band to secure bangs or loose hair will help in being able to fade the color into your hair line to ensure a natural, great looking tan.
Remove all jewelry.
Wear loose fitting clothing to the salon (i.e. – v-neck, tank top, baggy pants or shorts).  Also, avoid wearing socks – flip flops or sandals are typically a better choice.
The following products will lighten or make the sunless tan blotchy:

Dove shower gel or soap
Curel lotion
Hair Inhibiting Lotions such as Jergens
Anti-aging products that “renew,” “refresh” or exfoliate skin
AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), Glycolic, Lactic, Malic, Citric, and Tartaric Acids
BHA’s (Beta Hydroxy Acids-Salicylic Acid)
Retin-A type products (Retin-A, Renovate, Tazorac, Trefinoin)
Toners containing Witch Hazel or Alcohol
Anti-acne products that exfoliate the skin-Accutane or Salicylic Acid
Makeup remover cleaning products or oils used to clean away eye makeup
Bar soaps, especially deodorant varieties or anti-bacterial
Use of loofa or a scrub mitt etc.
Band-Aids or adhesive tape
Facial masks or exfoliating scrubs
Adhesive facial strips
Wax hair removal
Depilatory hair removal products …Nair, Veet, Neet etc.
Shaving exfoliates the skin therefore fading the tan. Clients should use a new and clean razor with a lubricating product such as hair conditioner. Wash off conditioner when done. A dull razor will scrape off the tan.
Pat dry after a shower; don’t rub dry-Body hair bleach products
Submersion in a hot tub, swimming pool with chlorine, salt water even a long hot bath
Women’s tans may also develop differently during various hormonal occurrences (ovulation, menstruation, pregnancy). It may be a streaky, patchy, fade worse or produce a lighter or no color.
Bug spray, when sprayed directly onto the skin can remove or fade the tan. Clients should spray clothing or a “cloud” of spray that they can walk through instead of applying directly to the skin 

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